We provide all kinds of high quality fire protection products, from fire sprinkler systems to stand pipes, alarms, special hazard systems, extinguishers, emergency lighting, safety plans and more.

We are experts in the field of fire protection and suppression equipment. MAFP is committed to providing our clients with quality products, installing the best fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire alarms, suppression systems, extinguishers and more. All of our equipment conforms to the Ontario Fire Code, as well as satisfying Fire Marshal and insurance requirements.



The value of a properly installed and maintained sprinkler system, especially in unattended areas, is critical for minimizing fire injury and damage. An effective way to control and suppress a fire, a sprinkler system will activate within as little as a minute or so of a fire event.

MAFP assures you of having the peace of mind that your sprinkler system is professionally installed to meet the Ontario Fire Code, affordably done on schedule and properly maintained by qualified technicians.

MAFP has the expertise to install all of the systems described below according to the Ontario Fire Code requirements and customized to meet your needs and budget.

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are pumps that provide a liquid flow and pressure for fire protection.Fire pumps are usually needed when there is an inadequate water supply for buildings with high combustible loading. In most cases, the pumps used need to be specifically listed for such applications.

Fire pumps may be powered either by an electric motor or a diesel engine, or occasionally a steam turbine.

A jockey pump is a small pump connected to a fire sprinkler system and is intended to maintain pressure in a fire protection piping system to an artificially high level so that the operation of a single fire sprinkler will cause a pressure drop which will be sensed by the fire pump automatic controller, causing the fire pump to start.

Fire Pumps


Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems are systems or a portion of a system that consists of components and circuits arranged to monitor and annunciate the status of a fire alarm or supervisory signal initiating device. Various components of a Fire Alarm System may nclude: Bells, Annunciators, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Horns and/or Strobes, Manual Pull Switches

The Fire Alarm Panel is the controlling component of a Fire Alarm System.The panel may also supply electrical energy to operate any associated sensor, control, transmitter, or relay. There are four basic types of panels: coded panels, conventional panels, addressable panels, and multiplex systems.

Fire Extinguishers and Hoses

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses & Accessories, Protective Covers, Signage, Wall Brackets, Vehicle Brackets, Accessories

MAFP can supply, install and maintain all grades and types of fire extinguishers and hoses. Fire extinguishers are hand held portable mechanisms that use a variety of methods to extinguish a fire. They come in different sizes according to the requirements.

Common types of extinguishers used are dry chemical, carbon dioxide, and Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF).



Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is a system of lighting devices that are battery backed, that come on automatically when a building experiences a power outage for whatever reason. Essential for finding your way around and for exiting the building, emergency lights must be in operating condition at all times.

MAFP will install the emergency lighting devices and regularly test them, performing repairs, bulb or battery replacements as required by the Ontario Fire Code.

Specialty Hazard Suppression

Buildings with high property value, flammable liquids, explosives or moving electrical equipment are a few situations where special hazard fire protection systems may be utilized.

Water mist systems, carbon dioxide systems, halon systems, low and high expansion foam systems are used in lieu of water based fire suppression.

Each special hazard situation is different and requires alternative means of fire suppression.

Special Hazards

Safety Plans

Engineer Drawings/Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plans are required by the Ontario Fire Code for most buildings and are an essential element in managing fire situations and saving lives in an emergency.

A well thought out and designed plan can inform and provide training for your staff on the proper procedures, evacuation routes and protocols as well as the best use of all the tools required to manage a critical situation. This will ensure the safety of your personnel as well as protect your equipment and building in an efficient and secure manner.

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