Our Services

We offer a full range of services, from installation, regular inspection and performing repairs on all types of fire suppression systems.

MAFP and our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing our clients with expert fire protection system installation, inspection and maintenance. We service a complete range of fire protection equipment such as dry or wet automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm panels, emergency lighting, fire hoses and extinquishers.We make sure that all work is done in full code compliance, conforming to the Ontario Fire Code, the National Fire Code as well as satisfying Fire Marshal and insurance requirements.


Whether you are renovating or building new, we install a full range of systems in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.Our projects include manufacturing, commercial, heavy industries, residential, retail and hospitality.

We are professional contractors that install all types of wet and dry sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire alarms, commercial kitchen hoods, special hazard suppression systems, fire extinguishers and hoses as well as emergency lighting.
Quality is always assured with MAFP and our team of friendly professionals. We’ll get the project done to your satisfaction, on time and on budget.


Regular fire equipment inspection is absolutely essential to proper fire safety, Inspections ensure that important NFPA standards are being met. It is required by law as well as by insurance companies to inspect and maintain all fire protection systems.

MAFP has trained professional system service personnel to handle this responsibility.Our program confirms a system’s readiness, inspects components, and provides a detailed report recommending any necessary corrective action..

We make recommendations based on the results of the inspection, pointing out any deficiencies. Fully detailed reports can be submitted to you or your building manager, your monitoring company and insurance.


Malfunctions can result in compromised safety, major damage to property and disruption of business.
Fire protection systems, the equipment and overall systems themselves will require routine testing. These tests are required on a regular basis according to the proper code compliance.

We use NFPA25 testing for everything from the testing of dry standpipe systems to fire pumps and water supply valves.We will schedule these tests with you on a routine basis and professionally perform them according to the Ontario Fire Code, National Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association standards.

We will provide you written results of our tests and point out any discrepancies that we note, along with our recommendations.


In order to keep the fire protection systems in the best operational condition possible. some of the equipment and systems themselves will sometimes need preventive or corrective maintenance done.
We will evaluate the condition of the equipment and consult with you about the maintenance needed.

We will schedule these maintenance needs with you and perform in a timely manner any or all the maintenance work to the highest quality and code standards.

Discrepancy Repair

After a system’s verification, testing, or inspection has been conducted, MAFP will provide in writing, details of deficiencies to the owner and/or customer.
We will make recommendations on what repairs are immediately needed in order to maintain fire code compliance and maximize safety.

Upon receiving approval to remedy the deficiencies, repairs will be scheduled and we will provide you an itemized service report showing what was done.

Safety Plan

Engineer drawings and fire safety plans are designed for site specific applications. For every project, drawings are usually required by the authority having jurisdiction.

We develop our drawings and fire safety plans to follow the Ontario building code/NFPA standards and insurance companies requirements as needed.

MAFP can develop a plan specifically tailored to your needs.

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